Calin Bule


I've been working with clients in pharma, travel, automotive, IT consulting and other industries, on software development and/or integration projects, cloud and data infrastructure deployments, training and consulting. You can take a look at my project galery and online resume to find out more about my skills and experiences.

Please see below the areas where I can give you and/or your business a hand with.

Let's say that your business flow requires certain customizations that existing ERP systems can't provide, or you need an application to keep track of your client's payments. Or maybe you have two systems and need a "connector" software to enable them to communicate. I can build them, and others such as Messenger/WhatsApp bots, automation tools, and infrastructure provisioning scripts. Can also build scrapers, to collect unstructured data from the internet, and also data transport and manipulation tools.

Deploy and integrate open source or proprietary software solutions such as the online data storage and collaboration suite Nextcloud, ERP/CRM suites like Odoo and ERPNext, the Plex media server, secure access solutions such as OpenVPN, and others.

Create and deploy presentation and/or portfolio websites, online stores, or blogs using WordPress, or the more lightweight Jekyll static site generator or design simple and customizable APIs using Strapi.

In the case you prefer to only use Microsoft Office, and rely on Excel for most of what you do, we can build applications that automate your work, generate reports, and/or collect and transform data, using your already-existing infrastructure.

Design your database(s) for maximum efficiency and speed, and to best serve your business needs, and then build the actual infrastructure using an SQL DBMS like PostgreSQL, MySQL, or NoSQL ones like Couchbase, or even lightweight solutions such as SQLite.

Determine the optimal infrastructure components for your needs (virtual machine instances, storage, and network components), provision and integrate them into a fully functional system and then deploy your new applications or migrate the existing ones.

Provisioning, optimization, and management of Linux-based servers. Why Linux? Because it's free and open-source and has a lot of distributions that are actively maintained. It's also customizable and has a great support community.

Whether we're talking about drawing up plans for transforming your company from paper-based to digital, how to implement the project financed through non-refundable EU or governmental grants, migration to the cloud, or even how to optimize the performance of your internal systems, I can offer guidance in all these areas.